OrbisChancery Solicitors possess expertise and active in servicing the public utilities sector. The chambers participated in the privatization series of large, medium-sized and small state and blue chip companies across the whole of Nigeria. Furthermore, we advised in other significant takeovers and joint venture projects performed in the public utilities sector.
In most projects, OrbisChancery Solicitors started work from a legal examination of an enterprise, taking particular account of regulatory matters. Successive stages included negotiations and preparation of contracts, this including preparation of comprehensive, long-term contracts for collaboration in the scope of services in the public utilities sector.

OrbisChancery Solicitors have been involved for many years in all the stages of conducting infrastructure projects, from organization and participation in tenders, bid preparation, through negotiations leading to conclusion of contractual and financing packages, to co-operation in the realization of projects, and resolution of disputes arising from these.

Assistance can be provided by the firm for infrastructure projects based on traditional methods of financing, such as, build, operate and transfer.
OrbisChancery Solicitors have also gained expertise regarding sources of funding such as IFC for infrastructural projects.