We provide a full range of legal services in relation to both employment and labour law.
Our Employment and Labour Law Practice has a wealth of experience in preparing employment document, including the various forms of employment contracts, including managerial contracts service contracts and other formal systems of employing persons who make up corporate bodies.
We can draw up service agreements, internal employer regulations on labour relations, remuneration regulations, and also regulations valid at the group – of – companies’ level, such as codes of conduct. We can also draft and negotiate collective labour agreements and other collective agreements.
We can conduct detailed reviews of employment and labour regulations from the point of view of their legal compliance, as well as optimize them in terms of risk to the employer, Our expertise extends to all matters directly related to employment and labour law, particularly insurance and taxation (such as remuneration structures for employees and managers, both Nigerian and foreign).

Our Practice also specializes in representing employers in labour disputes, in preparing and implementing large-scale redundancies, negotiating with trade unions, resolving mass disputes and strikes, providing legal analysis of employment and labour issues during organizational transformations of hospitality industries, factories and workplaces (particularly if these involve complex and innovative transactions with the participation of foreign entities) and the preparation of appropriate documentation.

We can also advise on the implications of Nigerian Labour law on labour relations.