Given the strategic nature and economic significance of these energy resources in Nigeria, this is indisputably an important area of law. OrbisChancery Solicitors advise on all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

OrbisChancery Solicitors have a dedicated Energy Group for assisting companies in the energy sector. We provide advice on most areas of law pertaining to the sector and on all aspects regulated by energy law. For more complex problems our lawyers from other specialist areas are brought in to assist the Energy Group as required.

Our services cover:

  • ¬†Corporate issues, particularly those connected with the regulation of vertically integrated business, interpreting petroleum laws and regulations.
  • Issues of contractual law in agreements with clients and suppliers, particularly those concerning energy law requirements and the protection of competition and consumers.
  • Issues of obtaining accreditation with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for oil drilling and oil service companies.
  • ¬†Issues of preparation of production sharing agreements, joint operating agreements, memorandum of understanding and other energy industry agreements.
  • Issues relating to site acquisitions
  • Environmental protection regulations, including emissions trading
  • Issues connected with real estate and construction law in particular the legal status of new and old infrastructure investments.
  • Representation of clients at courts hearings, tribunals and arbitration panels on various issues such as proposed oil pipeline routes and oil service contract disputes.

Our Energy Group closely monitors legal changes in the highly regulated energy sector.