OrbisChancery Solicitors was founded on August 17, 1995 by its partners having worked at various times with notable commercial law firms in the past especially in the area of commercial, privatization and investment projects since the early 90’s gaining reputation and experience in commercial matters. This formed a basis for the future wide range of expertise; commercial matters, including mergers and acquisitions, labour law, conveyancing, immigration, maritime and nationality law, oil & gas law and commercial litigation.   OrbisChancery Solicitors prides itself in being not only a highly reputable Law Firm, but a very approachable one which maintains an interest in its clients. We consider our relationships with our clients, key to our success. This positive relationship continues to create the needed spark in finding appropriate solutions to challenges faced by businesses on a daily basis.

Our firm is recognized both locally and internationally, as a dynamic commercial law firm with an unwavering commitment to flexibility, integrity, professionalism, accessibility and the delivery of services with distinct skills.  It is one of the most diverse law firms which is active in major cities in Nigeria. Its area of activity was and continues to be all matters related to the functioning of commercial, industrial and financial entities active on the Nigerian market.


Even though the firm is local in origin, OrbisChancery Solicitors is currently advising and has in the past advised various clients in matters and projects in Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sao Tome & Principe and Jamaica. We have also, on an ongoing basis, advised clients on projects and matters involving jurisdictions such as Europe and the United States. It has always been developing extensive knowledge of international transactions and creating a network of valuable and friendly relationships with numerous law firms in other countries.

This networking was possible due to the involvement of the firm’s partners in the activities of the International Bar Association, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, etc.


Our philosophy has always been to be the best approachable Nigerian Law Firm which maintains an interest in its clients and creatively respond to all their needs. Therefore, we have developed skills in such areas as corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, winding up and debt restructuring, corporate finance, construction law, property law and conveyancing, labour law and all aspects of a relationship between trade unions and corporate bodies, intellectual and industrial property law, matrimonial & family law, new technologies, law, commercial litigation and arbitration, tax law and in particular representing clients in matters involving taxation authorities, immigration and nationality law, maritime and related legal proceedings.

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